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Hobletts Manor Infants' and Nursery School
Achievement for all

Year 1

Children in Year 1 will be set tasks and activities in a paper-based learning pack. These will be created by the Class Teachers and will focus on all areas of the National Curriculum. We value technology but feel that it is essential that children continue to develop and improve their written methods in these challenging times.


Class Teachers will plan tasks which link directly to the learning that the children would have had at this time if they were in school. They will link to a direct Topic and the learning will be connecting to develop their skills in all areas. The tasks will be supported by videos which will be uploaded onto the School Videos section of the School Website.


Here, the children will be able to watch lesson introductions, see an activity being modelled and address any misconceptions from previous sessions. Once your child has completed the tasks, we ask for them to be shared either via the School Blog or by email to the Class Teacher. The teacher will then be able to reply and give feedback for the completed work. Please ensure you send your child’s work in regularly so that we can continue to support their progress and development.


As well as the written tasks and activities, there will be practical tasks within the learning packs. Children may need to cut and stick, draw and label or even create simple models. We have tried to ensure these tasks only require resources which are readily available or that have been supplied in the pack. If you need anything specific, please speak with the class teacher who will be happy to support you with this. Please take photos of the completed work and share these via the school blog or the class email. Your child’s class teacher will then be able to reply with feedback and any comments.


There will be daily tasks set on Purple Mash using the 2simple software which the children are familiar with. These tasks will need to be completed and submitted, allowing the teacher to give feedback, you can even send a voice message to say how you got on!


Please take care of yourselves and remember to contact the school if we can be of any support to you. You can call the school office or email the class teachers


Take care of yourselves and we hope to be able to welcome you back to school soon