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At Hobletts Manor Infant and Nursery School we believe Mathematics is a way of communicating that allows us to make sense of the world around us.  Young children are natural learners. They construct mathematical ideas based on their experiences with their environment, their interactions with adults and other children and their daily observations. They approach new tasks with curiosity and a sense of experimentation.  By developing their ability to calculate, communicate, reason and problem solve, children learn to appreciate that Maths can be an exciting and stimulating subject to learn which has relevance to their own everyday lives.  




Our aims for our Learning and Teaching within Mathematics are to enable children to:


  • Develop positive attitudes to mathematics, recognising that it can be both useful and enjoyable.

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.

  • Develop the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.

  • Independently select and use a range of mathematical resources, use efficient and appropriate strategies for calculating and effectively use a range of recording methods.

  • Develop the ability to think logically and reason mathematically using mathematical language effectively and confidently.

  • To solve problems by applying their mathematical understanding whilst valuing the process of enquiry as well as the answer.






All our teachers use Hertfordshire Essentials Mathematics as a planning tool and this helps us to ensure clear progression for the children, from year to year. The children will regularly recap and build upon their skills through clearly structured sequences of learning that are adapted to meet their needs. Hobletts Manor Infants and Nursery School has recently become a 'Maths Mastery' school. This means that children learn together through carefully planned small sequential steps that ensures achievement for every child in every lesson. Children are supported to keep up with quick intervention and adapted or scaffolded support within lessons. Similarly, children are regularly challenged to reason and problem solve through the application of new skills. Teachers use a range of manipulatives for representing new concepts and children are taught to represent their maths learning through concrete, pictorial and abstract methods of recording. Stem sentences are also used to model and teach new vocabulary and the children are encouraged to use these sentences to explain their mathematical thinking and processes. This all helps to secure and deepen their understanding and further develops their mathematical skills every day. We understand that children come to school with a wide and varying set of experiences and ‘starting points’ so we work to ensure all children make good progress and have equity in their learning. By the end of their time with us, we aim to have embedded the basic skills and foundations they need for future learning and given every child the confidence and inspiration to become a successful mathematician in their everyday lives. 



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