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Wider Curriculum

At Hobletts Manor Infants' and Nursery School our wider curriculum subjects are designed as a sequence of learning from Nursery to Year 2 and our subject leads also liaise with the junior school to ensure that there is clear progression between our schools. They are designed to be exciting and to stimulate a thirst for learning through the use of our enriching school indoor/outdoor environments and through extended provision. Each aspect of the curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure coverage of the EYFS and KS1 National Curriculum requirements. It is also mapped out in greater detail to ensure consistency of provision and to reflect the needs of our children and links to our community.


The aim is for our children to leave Year 2 fully prepared for their next steps into KS2 at our closely linked junior school, including in their independence, resilience and well-being. Our subject leaders have considered the core attitudes, knowledge, skills and experiences that the children need at each point of their journey. This is summarised in an intent overview for each subject area. Our staff have also focused on the core vocabulary that the children need to acquire and on ensuring that there are suggestions for adapting the curriculum to meet the needs of all children (including the underlying areas of need identified on our schools needs wheel which can be found on our curriculum overview page.)


Themed topics are in place as a frame for the learning but it is the underlying focused planning that guides the content of lessons. Discrete subject lessons are taught and wherever possible links to other subject areas are identified and used in lessons e.g. maths skills used in a DT or science lesson.


Key Stage One

Our Topics

TermYear OneYear Two
Autumn 1

Our World

(The United Kingdom)

Our World

(Continents and Oceans)

Autumn 2

Ice Cold! 

(Exploring Antarctica) 

Fire! Fire!

(The Great Fire of London)

Spring 1

Old and New

(How have toys changed?)

Brave Nurses

(Mary Seacole and Florence Nigtingale)

Spring 2Paddington BearPaddington Bear
Summer 1Down in the GardenDown in the Garden
Summer 2

To Infinity and Beyond!

(Moon Landing 1969)

To Infinity and Beyond!

(Mae Jemison)


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