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                                 Staff List for September 2023

Class                                         Teacher                                         Support Staff

Ladybirds (Nursery)

Mrs Cathryn Barringer (Art lead) and Mrs Gayle Stewart

(Maths lead)

Mrs Claire Cartwright

Mrs Michelle Watt

Mrs Michelle McCarthy

1. Honeybees (Foundation)

Mr John Trinder

(Science and Forest Schools lead)

Mrs Avonell Simon

Mrs Katie Saunders

Mrs Karolina Grzegorczyk

Mrs Caitrina Kelly PM

2. Dragonflies (Foundation)

Miss Rebecca Surridge

(Assistant Headteacher/EYFS Manager)

(English lead)

Mrs Ruth Slater

(Children's Champion)

Miss Tara Monsees

Mrs Caitrina Kelly PM

3. Woodpeckers (Year 1)

Miss Georgia O'Toole (Computing and Music lead)


Miss Nicola Byrne

Mrs Caitrina Kelly AM (Welfare)

Mrs Karolina Grzegorczyk 

Mrs Melanie Anastassiades

4. Robins (Year 1)

Mrs Sarah Toombs

(RE/PSHE/Mental Health & Well Being lead)

Miss Kelly Tynan

Miss Becky Coultas

Mrs Nazia Rehman

Mrs Kelly South

5. Hedgehogs (Year 2)

Mrs Paige Baker (M/T/W/Th)

(PE lead)

Mrs Anneka The (F)

Mrs Jane Robinson

(Reading Champion)

Mrs Melanie Anastassiades

Mrs Karolina Grzegorczyk


6. Badgers (Year 2)

Mrs Gina Taylor (M/T/Th/F)

(Assistant Headteacher KS1 lead)

(English & DT lead)

Mrs Anneka The (W)

Mrs Emma Brindle

(Children's Champion)

Mrs Dawn Shipp

Mrs Kelly South

Mrs Nazia Rehman


Mrs Sue Dyer

(History lead)


Assistant Headteachers

Miss Rebecca Surridge

Mrs Gina Taylor


PE/Sports Lead

Mrs Paige Baker & Mr Steve Wallis


Inclusion manager/SENCO

Miss Victoria Warren 

(Geography lead)


Breakfast Club 

Miss Kelly Tynan


Active Play Leader - MSA

Miss Charlotte Burton



Mrs Kelly Miller


Office Manager

Ms Zoe Brooks


Office Administrator

Mrs Sheetal Mehta


Office Support

Mrs Jayne Parker



Mr Dave Smith