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Year 1 - Woodpeckers



Our Learning in Summer One

(April and May)

Our first Summer Topic for 2019 is Down in the Garden and we have been learning mostly about common British plants and animals. We have grown our own Sunflowers, dissected Tulips and investigated with Carnations. We have learnt about how living things grow and reproduce by creating our own life cycle wheels and have talked about what plants and animals need to grow and be healthy. We have enjoyed using computers to carry out research and publish our own garden information books and have begun to explore other digital devices such as robots and beebots. We have looked at and created our own maps and practiced using directional language. In maths we have been practising using money and telling the time. In our English lessons we have carried out an Author study and have learnt about Julia Donaldson whilst reading many of her stories. We have also written our own stories in the style of Julia Donaldson and have based them on her story 'Superworm'. We have also written our own minibeast songs and created a minibeast dance in PE.

Our Learning in Spring Two

(March and April)

Our second Spring Topic for 2019 is Paddington Bear and we have been enjoying reading lots of stories about him. We have even had a go at writing our own Paddington Bear adventure story. In Science we have been continuing to learn about materials and their uses and have designed and made a prototype of a new house for Paddington to live in. In Geography we have compered Deepest Darkest Peru with London and in History lessons we have enjoyed handling and learning about old toys and teddy bears. In Maths we have been calculating with bigger numbers to twenty and have practiced different strategies such as partitioning to help us calculate with two digit numbers. Mr Wallis has continued to teach us gymnastics skills of balancing, traveling, rolling and jumping and we have started to piece together routines by linking our movements. Some of us even went to a Gymnastics competition to represent Hobletts Infants School.  In Art lessons with Mrs Hogg we have practiced weaving skills and sculpture. Finally we have enjoyed learning a Paddington Bear song and word rhythms to perform in our Year One Concert at the end of the topic.

Our Learning in Spring One

(January and February)

Our first Topic for 2019 is Turrets and Tiaras and we have been learning mostly about castles and the medieval times. In Science we have been learning about materials and their uses, with our main investigation being based on research for making new items for the Giant in the story Jack and the Beanstalk, to replace the ones that Jack stole from him. In RE we have been learning about belonging and how different religions welcome a new baby or a new member to their community. In Geography and History lessons we have looked at famous British castles and learnt about what castle life was like in the middle ages or medieval times. We particularly enjoyed our castles day and our school trip to Windsor Castle. We have enjoyed using computers and other digital sources of information to research and find out more about castles and castle life. We used the information we gathered to create our own Castles information books. We have also practiced other styles of non-fiction writing in English lessons through writing recounts and instructions before moving on to reading lots of traditional tales and doing some creative writing linked to our favorite ones.  In Maths we have learnt to order and sequence the days of the week, months of the year and the seasons. We have made shape pictures and sculptures whilst learning to name and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and have learnt new vocabulary measuring and comparing length and mass. Mr Wallis has begun to teach us gymnastics skills of balancing, traveling, rolling and jumping and we have started to piece together routines by linking our movements. In Art lessons we have explored different styles of portraits with Mrs Hogg and have been exploring rhythm, pace and melody with Mrs O'Brien in Music lessons.

Our Learning in Autumn Two

(November & December)

Our second Topic in year one is Ice Cold and we have been learning mostly about cold parts of the world, the animals that live in cold places and people who visit cold places. In Science we have been learning about animal groups and animal habitats we have focused on birds and in particular emperor penguins. In RE we have learnt about religious celebrations including Christmas, Diwali and Hunnukah. In Geography and History lessons we have used atlases and globes to locate cold and hot places in the world and have learnt about the equator and the poles. We have also learnt about Captain Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctica expedition and his race to the South Pole. We have been using software programs to create  and publish digital work and have continued our learning about all the different things we can use computers for. In English we have been reading stories with penguins and have planned and written our own stories. We have also learnt how to use adjectives in our writing to make it more interesting. In Maths have continued working with numbers up to ten and have been calculating using addition and subtraction and beginning to explore multiplication and division through grouping and sharing and doubling and halving. We have also been enjoying PE games and teamwork sessions with Mr Wallis, exploring cold colours and different shades of colours in Art lessons with Mrs Hogg and preparing for the Christmas concerts in Music lessons with Mrs O'Brien.

Our Learning in Autumn One

(September & October)

Our Topic is called Our World and we have been learning mostly about the United Kingdom. In Science we have been learning about animals including humans, in RE we have been learning about how religious people show that they care for the natural world and in Geography we have been reading and creating our own maps. We have been using computer software programs to create digital work and learning about all the different things we can use computers for. In English we have been practicing our sentence writing and have even written our own recounts and stories. In Maths we are working with numbers up to ten and have been ordering numbers and making our own number lines. We have also been enjoying PE games sessions with Mr Wallis, Art lessons with Mrs Hogg and Music lessons with Mrs O'Brien.