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Year 2 - Hedgehogs

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Dance Assembly

Dance Assembly 1
Dance Assembly 2

Food Groups - Eating a Balanced Diet

The Last Supper

Using digital sound recording devices.


Smiley and Happy!

Kyra always puts a smile on Miss Lane's face and makes sure she gives her a daily hug. Kyra has been an especially good friend this week and has worked really hard too. Thank you lovely Kyra.

Picture 1


Fun Guy!

Tommy always puts a smile on our faces. He is a super friend to us all and we couldn't imagine life in hedgehogs without him. Thank You for making every day so much fun Tommy. Have fun with Spike this weekend.

Picture 1

The Hindu Holi Festival


Hard Worker!

Dale's attitude to school has been fantastic this week. He has worked really hard and exceeded in every task set for him. he has also been a bit of a computer whizz by helping other children out in our computing lessons. Thank You Dale!

Picture 1

Learning to divide


Cool and Calm!

Emily has been working really hard to over come some worries this week. She has dealt with some quite tricky situations, including loosing a whole piece of work on the computers. How grown up you are Emily! I need you around next time something goes wrong to calm me down.

Picture 1
Picture 1

Year Two Spring Newsletter

Our New Topic - Asia / India

Success Ribbons!


Math's Whizz!

Ethan has been really impressing all the adults with his maths work lately. He is becoming a bit of a maths superstar and is getting better and more confident every single day!

Picture 1

Headteacher's Award!

Well done Sophie who was awarded Mrs Hull's award this week. We are all very proud of you!

We worked with a partner to put all the historical events that we have been learning about in order and create our own chronological timeline.


Super Speller!

Oliver always works so hard at home practicing his spellings and it is really paying off. He has produced some super writing all by himself this week. Well done Oliver!

Picture 1

Using arrays to multiply and divide

We had to think about where different natural materials come from. Then we discussed how manmade materials are created. They go through a chemical process which makes them manmade. We had to build two waterways... we were challenged to use natural materials to build a river (natural waterway) and to use manmade materials to build a canal (manmade waterway).


Brain Box!

Katie has been working so hard this week. She has had some fantastic ideas on the carpet and is always helping Miss Lane out and answering her questions! Keep it up Katie!

Star of the Week!

Star of the Week! 1
Picture 1

How many 3D shapes can you name and describe?


Mr Helpful

Austin is always there to lend a hand to his friends and to adults to. He is super at tidying up and has been Miss Lane's PA this week. Thank You Austin. Have fun with Spike!

Picture 1

Partitioning - tens and ones

We had a visit from Pete the Peddlar and he brought with him lots of real and replica Tudor artefacts. There was clothes, jewellery, instruments, toys, writing equipment and weapons. We sat and listened to him telling us about all the different things he had brought. Some of us put on traditional Tudor clothes. We learnt about what life was like for children and he taught us lots about the weapons that soldiers used in their battles. It was very interesting. After that we were allowed to explore, touch and play with the different artefacts. He even helped each of us make our own Tudor coin from a small piece of silver metal. Finally we were allowed to hold one of the Tudor weapons. What a fun afternoon it was!

Our New Topic - Turrets and Tiaras / The Tudors

Happy New Year



Fantastic Performance!

Sophie is our star of the week because she put on a brilliant performance in our Christmas concerts! Lucky Sophie also gets to keep Spike for the whole of the Christmas holidays.


Super Narrating!

Elizabeth has been working really hard at home and has learnt all her lines for the Christmas Concert!

Budding Author


Carter is Star of the Week because he wrote a fantastic story! Well done Carter!

Picture 1



Just like our star of the week. Daisy Mai has also been feeling a little anxious about her maths lately so she has been working with the grown ups to build her confidence back up! This week she didn't need anyone else to help her or support her because she did it all by herself! What a superstar you are Daisy Mai! We always knew you could do it!

Head Teacher's Award!

Head Teacher's Award! 1



Millie has been feeling a little unconfident in maths lately and sometimes has felt like giving up BUT... this week she did not give up!!! She tried her best and found out that actually it's not so tough after all. If at first you don't succeed try again! Great resilience and determination Millie! Keep it up!

Star of the Week

Star of the Week 1

Representing Multiplication by making arrays

PLAY AGAIN AT HOME - The Great Fire of London game.

Just click on the link below ...

Making Tudor Houses - We had to read and follow a flow chart.




Home Learning 18.11.16

Hedgehogs Hero!


Teddy hasn't just been finishing his own work to a high standard and tidying up after himself this week he has even chosen to stay in for the beginning of his playtime to help a friend finish theirs and has been caught tidying up after everyone. Mrs Brindle also saw him being a very kind friend on the playground making sure everyone had someone to play with! What a kind and wonderful person you are Teddy!

Star of the Week

Star of the Week 1

Master Mathematician!


Emily is growing in confidence with her maths every day. Maths hasn't always been Emily's favourite subject but she has kept working hard and now she is so amazing at it! You can do it Emily!!!

Headteacher's Award

Headteacher's Award 1

Practising partitioning in maths - tens and ones

Thank You all for attending our class assembly. We hope you all enjoyed it. Thank You also to all the Hedgehogs for starring in it. You were BRILLIANT!!!

Thank You Lara!


Lara came up with some great ideas and ways to make our assembly even better. She suggested that we all hold our prayer beads during the minutes silence and she thought about how to make the firework balances look better. Thanks for the help assistant director!

Head Teacher's Award

Head Teacher's Award 1

So Polite and Kind!


Mrs Hogg never has to ask Poppy to do something twice because she is so kind and helpful and always very friendly.

Lunch Time Award!

Lunch Time Award! 1

Congratulations Daisy Mai!


Come and see Daisy Mai's fantastic art work on display outside Mrs Hull's office!



Home Learning - 4.11.16

Playing board games helps us practise counting on and back

Home Learning - 21.10.16

Solving word problems in maths using our partitioning strategy.

Solving word problems in maths using our partitioning strategy. 1

Spike's star of the week!


Riley has had a FANTASTIC week. He has been helping his friends, working very hard by himself and being a very polite and well mannered member of our class. You really have stood out this week. Well done Riley!

Star of the Week!

Star of the Week! 1

Head Teacher's Award!


Teddy has been working very hard in the classroom to be a grown up year two learner. He has been working and completing tasks all by himself and this has made him and us feel very proud. Keep it up Teddy!

Head Teacher's Award

Head Teacher's Award 1

Ipad Music - Creating Loops

Delivering our Harvest

Sharing into three equal groups (thirds)

Religious Signs and Symbols

Weather and Climate ... What's the difference?

Calligram Poems

Lunch time award!


Thank you for being so polite in the dinner hall Grace! You have had some super lunch times this week.

Lunch Time Award

Lunch Time Award 1

Superstar Katie!


Katie was awarded the head teacher's special award this week for working well as a team and being a great listener at forest schools!

Head Teacher's Award

Head Teacher's Award 1

Excellent Emily!


Emily wrote a fantastic Calligram poem about a snake. She used similes and alliteration in her poem. Amazing writing Emily. Well done!



Home Learning - 7.10.16

Food Chains Display

Food Chains Display 1

Home Learning & Spellings to practise - 30.9.16

Grace is Star of the Week!

Grace is star of the week this week for not only writing a super story, 'The Girl Who Cried Cheetah' but for spending time carefully editing and improving her writing with her black hat on. Grace thought carefully about what she needs to get better at and set herself a very smart target. Have a great weekend with spike Grace!



Congratulations Carter!

Carter got a head teacher's award from Mrs Hull for his brilliant story writing. 'The Boy Who Cried Crocodile'. Well done to our budding writer!

Head Teacher's Award!

Head Teacher's Award! 1

Well Done Austin!

Austin received a lunch time award this week for being very helpful and having lovely manners. That's great news Austin! We are all very proud of you!

Lunch Time Award

Lunch Time Award 1

Jump One and Jump Ten


to Jack's Mum Pip for offering to do our library. We are all very happy now we have some super story books and interesting information books to read at home.

Remember to keep your library books safe hedgehogs and bring them back to school in your bookbags every Monday.

This week's home learning

Congratulations to Oliver for his head teacher's award!

Oliver won the head teacher's award this week for trying his best in every lesson. Keep up the good work Oliver! We hope to see your wearing your head teacher's special badge on your uniform for the rest of the year.

Head Teacher's Award

Head Teacher's Award 1

Congratulations to our star of the week .... JACK!

Jack is star of the week this week because he always has good ideas on the carpet and is a great talk partner, sharing his ideas and knowledge with his friends. He is also a super mathematician and has done some great comparing and accurate measuring. Well done Jack. Have a great time with Spike this weekend.



Happy Birthday!


Muhammad, Grace & Emily

We hope you all have a great day.


We are looking for an adult volunteer to come in once a week (or when possible) on a Monday afternoon to change our library books. Please let Miss Lane or Mrs Brindle know if you can help us. Thank You smiley

We had our first Ipad music lesson with Mr Banks (Kris) from Herts Music Service this week. He will be coming in to teach us different skills every Thursday until Christmas. We will be learning how to listen carefully to music, recognize different instruments and create our own sounds and compositions on the Ipads.


This week we used an app called 'beatwave' to create different musical sounds and patterns.

Measuring and comparing length in maths

Congratulations to Lacey who won the year two head teachers award this week. Lacey has also been very enthusiastic to learn and enjoy herself in year two and has been very sensible and helpful too. Well done Lacey. What a good start to year two you've had!
Congratulations to James who is our first star of the week. We hope you enjoy your weekend with Spike the hedgehog. James is star of the week this week because he has settled in really well to our new classroom. He has been very polite and shown wonderful manners but has also shown an enthusiastic attitude towards all of our learning and has been trying his best to impress all the adults. Well James we were certainly impressed. We hope you keep up the good work all year!




to Daisy Mai who had her birthday this week. We hope you had a great day.

Do all animals eat the same thing?

In science we learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We sorted some animals into these groups. Any that we were unsure of we researched on the internet. Some of the class used a sorting program on purple mash. Why don't you have a go at home and see what score you can get?

Just log in through the purple mash button on our school website homepage and search for 'animal grouping'.


A bit of measuring in maths

Phone calls about our holidays

Getting Messy Making Handprint Hedgehogs

Welcome new Hedgehogs. We hope you have enjoyed your first week in year two as much as we have. We can't wait for the rest of the year. Don't forget to check our class page regularly to see photos and messages about your learning and other important information that you and your grownups might find useful.


Class Timetable - please note PE is on Monday and Thursday

Polite Notice

Whilst the weather allows us to we would like to continue to go outside for PE as much as possible so children should all have appropriate outdoor PE footwear (trainers or plimsoles) in their PE bags until further notice. 

Thank You